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    The rich variety of the bean

    Hooked on instant? The time has come to explore the rich variety of the bean… Around 500 AD, Kaldi the goatherd noticed his herd was chewing berries – he tried them, liked the result, and mentioned it to nearby monks, who disapproved and threw the berries on the fire. The aroma changed their minds, they lifted the hot beans off the fire, threw them into water to cool them . . . and invented coffee. The first recorded reference to coffee in England was when a Turkish Jew named Jacob opened a coffee house in Oxford – some historians date this at 1637 and, if that is true, it was…

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    How to become a barista?

    Today, anyone can now become a ‘barista’ – essentially the Italian word for a barman, but the subtlety of it is in the understanding that great cocktails and great coffee are equal skills. Being a reasonable ‘barista’ is not difficult. Raj Beadle, whose Gaggia machines from Italy won a ‘cool brand’ award last year and who has a new machine on sale in Curry’s and Argos, says more people are willing to try their hand. “The people who buy these know when something is cool to have,” he said. “But they don’t all want to be too ambitious with their coffee. “Most people are happy with learning to make a…