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    About Coffee, the World, Vienna and the Central ‘But the coffee house is still the best place to keep up with all the news. To understand this, one must understand that the Viennese coffee house is an institution without parallel anywhere else in the world. As a matter of fact, it is a sort of democratic club, where the cost of admission is no more than the price of a cup of coffee’. Stefan Zweig ‘The World of Yesterday’

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    Coffee in Turkish Culture

    Drinking coffee is a unique pleasure for Turks A cup of Turkish coffee is endowed with a variety of important connotations for Turks: friendship, affection and sharing. This is best illustrated in the old saying: “A single cup of coffee can create a friendship that lasts for 40 years”. Turkish coffee is such an intrinsic part of Turkish culture that it has given its name to the word for breakfast, “kahvaltı”, which translates as “before coffee”, and is derived from the words “kahve” (coffee) and “altı” (before). Serving a cup of Turkish Coffee is also a way of sealing a friendship The preparation and care taken by a host in…

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    Turkish Coffee is the world’s oldest coffee brewing method. Turkish Coffee consists of foam, coffee and grounds. Turkish Coffee remains on the palate longer than all other types of coffee thanks to its soft and velvety foam. Turkish Coffee remains hot for a long time thanks to its delicious foam, which keeps its form for several minutes after the coffee is poured. Turkish Coffee cools much more slowly than other varieties of coffee as it is served in thin cups, thus prolonging the drinking pleasure. Turkish Coffee has an unforgettable flavor thanks to its thick, syrupy consistency that stimulates the taste buds. Turkish Coffee is thicker, softer and more aromatic…